Basic features of your Domaintechnik Customer Zone

  • list of domains, which are charged to you

  • update your invoice data and choose/edit your prefered payment method

    a) bank transfer after invoice
    b) credit card
    c) debit order

  • change your username and your password (SSL-secured)

  • domain configuration (Zone Editor):
    At your option, you can configure or edit zone file records for A, AAAA, CNAME, DNAME, MX, NS, NAPTR, SRV and TXT.

  • At your option you can register your own name server (DNS) for your domain or use the four name servers of - free of charge.

  • "whois data" - domain management:
    You can manage domain owner data, domain administrator data, technical contact and zone contact of your domains individually, online.

Additional features
(free of any charge)

Forward Your domain (either directly or by using a Frame) to another provider (e.g. to or to any other desired address.
When usinge the forwarding-deluxe package (frame forwarding), meta-tags for site description, keywords, etc. can be defined.

Emailforwardings for your domain(s):

All emails @yourdomain.tld will be collected and forwarded to an email address of your choice.

Combined Forwarding:

Contains email forwarding service as well as basic domain forwarding service.

Combined Forwarding Deluxe

Contains email forwarding service plus the deluxe domain forwarding.

Professional webspace for your domains:
Complete solutions for your website

As a Domaintechnik customer, you have access to a number of powerful website management tools in your Domaintechnik® Hosting Control Panel.

You can find a detailed listing of all features in the Domaintechnik® Hosting Control Panel description.